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InspireNet™ Flooring Software

Instant visualization - it’s what sets you apart.

They don’t have to imagine their new floors; use InspireNet™ flooring software to show them!



InspireNet™ flooring visualizer for your Customer

Reporting systems, scheduling software, and estimating software are all necessary, but where InspireNet™ really makes its mark, is the first time that you see a customer respond to seeing what their home will looks like with any number of 10’s of thousands of products and an almost unlimited number of patterns!

Kitchen flooringThe furthest thing from fumbling through sample racks at a huge retail store, seeing a few flooring options from a contractor, or getting the “hard-sell” from a flooring salesperson…this interactive process allows the customer to really get engaged and even have fun while exploring the options for their home.

“I am thinking I will go with carpet, but have always wondered if hardwood would look good in my family room…”

“I love this tile, what if we incorporated some colored accent pieces?”

“I never considered a patterned carpet….”

These are the sorts of conversations we get to have with our customer and we use InspireNet™ flooring visualizer to allow them to see possibilities. We move out of the role of “flooring contractor” and in to the role of trusted advisor by bringing Inspiration to our customer…

InspireNet™ Flooring Technology for You:

As the owner of the business it is vital that you have all the tools needed to drive the results that will deliver you the top line sales growth, bottom line profitability and equity value that you need from your Floor Coverings International business.

Reporting ModifiedBusiness Planning:

It all starts with a plan…a plan for each metric, and a plan for each employee. Your operations manager will be shoulder to shoulder with you as you create the path for success in your InspireNet™ business plan

In depth reporting:

“What gets measured gets managed” –Peter Drucker

How are you doing against your plan? Where are your leads coming from? What do we need to do next? This is the sort of coaching that you will get and the backbone is the reporting and dashboard tools within InspireNet™ flooring software.

Centralized Scheduling:

A call comes in, the customer is matched with the right design associate and an in-home design consultation is scheduled…easy for you, and easy for the customer.

InspireNet™ for your Employees:

Giving your staff the flooring software tools that they need to be successful is your number one priority and InspireNet™ provides you with the tools to do just that.

SchedulingSchedule management:

Integration with Outlook and a Mobile web scheduling tool makes keeping up with the business easy.

Full professional estimator and turn-key proposal generation tools

Whether it is quickly writing a proposal for a whole house full of hardwood flooring for a customer right in the home, or using scanned blueprints to quickly estimate a commercial job from our national accounts program, InspireNet™ gives you the tools to get to a professional proposal quickly and accurately…without being a flooring expert.

Armed with a tablet pc and a laser measuring device, a whole home can be estimated in just minutes with the latest flooring franchise technology from Floor Coverings International.

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