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On June 4th, 2019

Realize Your Dream of Business Ownership with a Floor Coverings International Franchise!

Many folks would love to go into business for themselves and work at something they can call their own. But there’s a lot that can dissuade many would-be owners from pursuing their dream, because while being a business owner is very rewarding, it also involves a lot of guesswork and responsibility, especially if you start ...

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On January 4th, 2019

Buying a Franchise Vs. Starting a Business

There is a great debate about whether buying a franchise or starting a business is a better opportunity for entrepreneurs to pursue. Many people believe that starting a business provides more freedom and the ability to be your own boss, and a franchise does not. However, this isn’t true. Franchises are businesses; they just come ...

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On January 3rd, 2019

An Introductory Guide to Starting Your Own Business

The home improvement industry is growing, and now may be the best time to get involved in it. You may be thinking about starting a home improvement business from scratch, but there is so much more potential with a home improvement or home repair franchise. There are a lot of home improvement franchise opportunities out ...

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