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On December 29th, 2018

4 Ways Floor Coverings International Stands Out from Competitors

Have you been looking into purchasing a home building franchise or flooring franchise? If so, look no further than Floor Coverings International. Our simple business model, dedication to quality, and commitment to our franchisees make us a standout in the industry. Read on to learn more about the key ways we set ourselves apart from the ...

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On December 28th, 2018

Work for Yourself and Not Someone Else: 3 Great Reasons to Franchise

Are you looking for a way to shake up your career? If so, investing in a Floor Coverings International franchise is a great opportunity. The flooring industry is worth an estimated $65 billion, with only 10% of the market controlled by large companies. That means there’s plenty of room for our franchisees to thrive. In addition ...

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On August 22nd, 2017

With 25 Years in Global Manufacturing This Local Businessman Introduces New Flooring Company to Area

Life is indeed a journey. You never know where it’s going to take you. Arlan Brady certainly did not. But for the last 25 years, he had unknowingly been preparing himself for the next chapter in his life that has just begun. That’s when the 48-year-old Lexington resident officially opened for business as a franchisee ...

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