Floor Coverings International offers one of the most robust training and ongoing support platforms in the entire industry

Going into business for yourself is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make – but you don’t have to do it alone. When you join the Floor Coverings International franchise family, you become a part of a brand that will support you every step of the way.

Our commitment to helping our franchise owners thrive and prosper has led us to create one of the most robust training and ongoing support platforms in the entire franchise industry. We honor your investment by providing you with all of the tools, resources, technology, coaching, business development mentoring, and more, to ensure that you have what you need to run a thriving, growing business.

“Our corporate team is entirely focused on helping our franchise owners succeed in business,” says Alan Dickherber, VP of Operations and New Franchise Development with Floor Coverings International. “Our training program focuses primarily on the first two years because this is the most crucial time frame in the lifespan of a business – and we really do cover every single aspect, from business plans, marketing support, sales process, technology, product installation, business development, and more. This is thorough, comprehensive support that is designed to help franchise owners grow, and judging from how well our franchise owners do in their markets, our efforts are truly paying off.”

This is How Floor Coverings International Will Support You

Our support begins as soon as you sign your franchise agreement, and will continue every day after. Here is what you can expect to receive from us:

Six weeks of pre-training

Your first six weeks of training will be completed from the comfort of your own home. We will send you a checklist of everything you need to do in order to get your business open. This entails obtaining your business licenses, completing our digital training course, getting your mobile showroom operational, as well as securing office space. We will walk you through every aspect of this process, and will be speaking with you regularly to ensure that you’re staying focused, meeting your deadlines and getting you the right answers to any of your questions.

Five-day training at our headquarters

By the time you’ve completed your six weeks of pre-training, your business will be almost ready to launch. Before your grand opening, you will come to our headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, for an action-packed five days of in-person training with members of our executive team. While you’re here, you will master our sales process through a series of role-playing games, compose a 2-year business plan, a five-year business plan, as well as a 10-year vision plan, and go on actual appointments. You will also get comprehensive training into our CRM, marketing, and more.

During your in-person training, your business will already be booking appointments. This means that by the time you get back, your business will be open and you can start generating revenue.

Your first jobs

Before you set foot in your customer’s house, we will have a phone call to walk through the sales process, answer your questions, and provide encouragement. Our CRM software will allow us to see how well you’re following our sales process, as well as how long you’ve spent on each step. After you leave your customer’s house, we will have a de-briefing call where we go over how the experience went and provide key insights into how well you did overall and ways to improve.

Field Training

You will be assigned a field coach who will host daily, weekly and monthly calls. You will receive ongoing coaching from a highly experienced person who is actively involved in helping your business grow.

90-day Training

Once you reach three months in business, you return to Atlanta for a second round of training. This is meant to reinforce your initial training, as well as to strengthen your abilities as a business owner. This training will be tailor made to your needs, as we will have three months of experience to draw from in order to help you grow as a leader.

Sales leadership training

After you hire your first design associate, we provide you with a course in how to manage your new employee so that your business continues to grow effectively.

CEO call

Every week, we will host a weekly call where we will help you become an effective CEO of your business. We will determine what you should focus on during the week ahead, as well as monitor your progress on meeting the goals of your business plan.

Marketing support

Marketing can be one of the most overwhelming aspects of launching a new business – but not with Floor Coverings International. We provide support with every aspect of marketing, including helping you to establish a digital presence with your own website and social media platforms, SEO support, as well as lead generation campaigns to ensure that the customers in your market can find your business easily. In addition, we also provide you with custom printed marketing materials in order to help effectively communicate with your community.


Our state-of-the-art CRM platform makes running a business as streamlined as possible. It allows you to deliver on-the-spot quotes, monitor your jobs, as well as provides key performance analytics into your business and for the entire franchise network overall.

Experience the Floor Coverings International support yourself

If you’re ready to join a revolutionary brand that’s disrupting the $48 billion custom flooring industry*, fill out our form on this site to learn about the Floor Coverings International franchise opportunity. We can’t wait to learn more about you!

*Statista, May 11, 2021

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