Best Second Careers to Start at 40 & Beyond

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Over 40 and need to make a career change? Get the best ideas for second careers in your 40s and beyond that will also help you in retirement.

It’s Never Too Late to Start a New Career

We spend 80,000 hours of our lives at work, many of us at jobs we don’t like. 80% of people dream about changing careers. But a career change at 45 can seem out of reach for many, and only 6% of people follow through on those dreams. Workers cite a few reasons for not making the move to a new career, including not wanting to leave co-workers they’re fond of, time invested at a particular workplace, fears around not being able to earn enough money in a new career to support families and pay bills. Workers over 40 may feel like they’re simply too old to begin again.

The good news is a career change at 45, 50, or beyond is totally achievable. It’s never too late to revisit an old dream you may have harbored for years, imagining yourself in a different role. There’s nothing worse than toiling in a job you hate, knowing that there’s more you have to offer. Life is too short to wonder “what if?” especially since all that time spent wondering is time you could be spending finding out about the best careers to start at 40.

How do you know you’re ready for a career change? Maybe you’ve been daydreaming about that job you always thought you’d be good at. Maybe you’re bored in your current line of work and crave a new challenge. Maybe your current work environment is stressful and unfulfilling. Perhaps your values no longer align with that of your employer. Or you’ve climbed as high as you can in your current position, and there’s no room left to grow. You simply can’t imagine spending the rest of your working days doing what you’re doing. These are all good indicators it may be time for you to think about some best careers to start at 40 and beyond.

A career change to something you love and can be excited about each day can make the second half of your working life satisfying as well as lucrative. Your new job may pay you more than your current employer can offer, allowing you a better lifestyle and the ability to save for retirement. As you consider some of the best careers to start at 40 and over, you might discover you need to further your education, earn a different degree or take vocational courses. You may need to update your resume to better reflect the field you’re now entering. To be successful, you’ll need to set clear goals, be realistic, and build a professional network of mentors and contacts who can guide you. And tell everyone you know about your new career aspirations so they can hire you and refer you.

Best Career Ideas for Your Second Act

The best second careers after 40 includes work you have a passion for. Making a life change so profound will require some careful consideration. Brainstorm about what work would excite you to do each day, year over year. Find a career that gives your life a sense of purpose and meaning. Think about what you’ve always been good at and if that can be translated into a business. Consider what kind of work aligns with your values.

According to Indeed, here are just a few of the many top ideas for the best careers to start at 40:

  • Medical administrative assistant: The medical field is booming, and this position requires only some vocational training, being good with people, and being highly organized.
  • Patient care technician: Also in the medical field, this job is hands-on with patients, assisting doctors and registered nurses with patient care. With continuing education, this job can grow into nursing, another in-demand and meaningful career.
  • Translator: If you speak more than one language, you might enjoy being a translator. Translation services are needed across many industries and is rife with opportunity for anyone who loves interpreting the written word.
  • Human resources manager: Working as a liaison between employees and management is a great transition for anyone with managerial and leadership skills. A degree is often required for this position.

Many people seeking to find a best second career after 40 think about becoming self-employed. If striking out on your own and becoming your own boss makes your heart sing, self-employment might be for you. Here are some exciting options:

  • Coaching or consulting: You’ve spent years as an expert in your current field. Offering yourself as a coach or consultant will allow you to set your own hours and rates and choose your own projects, all while utilizing skills you’ve honed over time.
  • Event planner: Do you love to throw a party and are exceptionally well-organized? As an event planner, you can use both your creative and management skills, working with clients and vendors to bring events to life.
  • Personal trainer: Americans want to look and feel better. Share your passion for fitness with others by becoming a personal trainer, designing workouts and providing motivation. Older clients especially will appreciate being instructed by someone who knows what it feels like to live in an older body, making fitness accessible to all.
  • Start a business: Is there a business you’ve always dreamed of starting? Do you see a need in your community for your services? Research the steps to starting your own business, including creating a viable business plan and raising the necessary funding.

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