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Floor Coverings International Earning Potential

A popular question we get is ‘How much can franchise owners make?’ We break it down for you.

When researching franchise opportunities, it’s crucial to have a strong understanding of how much franchise owners can make. You’ll want to partner with a brand that has a proven business model, room to grow and a strong earning potential.

FCI has a tried-and-true business model that allows franchise owners to experience immense growth within their territory – building a multi-million dollar empire. Our mobile showroom concept sets us apart from the already lucrative flooring industry by bringing flooring samples directly to our customers’ homes. Our franchise owners and their teams become consultants to their customers. Offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service, we build trust with our consumers.

In our business, relationships matter. In addition to the marketing support you’ll receive, a huge part of garnering clientele is through word-of-mouth. When you become someone customers can trust, they’ll not only reward you with their business but with recommendations as well.

Strength in Numbers

Bigger profit margins help determine how much franchise owners can make. Individual business owners can’t obtain the margins our franchisees can, and that simply comes down to buying power. Floor Coverings International has incredible relationships with our suppliers and can therefore get our franchisees great rates on their materials. Our buying power puts us in the top 10% of suppliers. All of our products are tested before being presented to our customers, who also benefit monetarily from our vendor relationships.

So, How Much Do Our Franchise Owners Make?

Our numbers don’t lie. Pulled directly from our Franchise Disclosure Document, below is a breakdown of how much can franchise owners make with the FCI business model.

Group by Average Revenue Produced Number of reporting franchisees Average Gross Revenue Produced Average Gross Revenue Landed Leads Proposals Average Job Size Success rate Slipping rate Gross Margin
Top 10% 11 $3,292,848 $3,552,602 1,394 788 $8,151 57% 41% 45%
Top 25% 27 $2,276,311 $2,457,131 1,323 638 $7,993 49% 49% 46%
Top 50% 55 $1,655,619 $1,763,753 1,148 503 $8,380 42% 55% 46%
Bottom 50% 54 $557,332 $587,071 578 230 $7,529 54% 45% 44%
Bottom 25% 27 $394,610 $405,680 463 188 $6,524 41% 51% 44%
Bottom 10% 11 $297,274 $305,706 419 176 $5,959 37% 53% 45%
All Reporting Franchisees 109 $1,111,515 $1,180,809 865 367 $7,958 41% 54% 45%

The Sky’s The Limit

If you’re ready to join a brand that’s revolutionizing the custom flooring industry, you’ve come to the right place. Unlock your potential with FCI.
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