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The Franchise Process

Learn Our Easy-to-Follow Franchise Process

The franchise discovery process is crucial for those interested in joining a brand. The franchise process allows the candidate and the franchisor to determine if they’re a good fit for each other. At Floor Coverings International, it’s just as important for us to learn if you’re the right candidate for our brand as it is for you to know if we’re a good addition to your portfolio. With our thorough process, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about our franchise opportunity.

Step One: Introductory Conversation

This is where we get to know each other. Your initial conversation with Floor Coverings International will be with one of our franchise representatives – usually via phone. On this call, we’ll ask you qualifying questions to make sure you meet our investment requirements before we continue moving through our process. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about our franchise investment before determining if you’d like to continue to step two.

Step Two: Executive Model Deep Dive

This is where you learn how it all works. This step gives you a closer look at how to properly run one of our franchises. From making appointments to managing your mobile showroom samples, we breakdown how easy our business model is to follow and the proven track record that comes with it!

Step Three: FDD Review

During this step, you’ll receive a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for your review. This document consists of 23 Items – or sections – that outline who we are as a franchisor, what our investment opportunity entails, and what responsibilities you have as a franchise owner. We recommend that any and all business partners who are potentially investing with you also carefully review our FDD.

Step Four: Marketing and Technology

This is where you learn how we best support you as a franchisee. At Floor Coverings International, we provide top-of-the-line marketing support to help you build a digital footprint. We equip you with your own website, social media profiles, SEO support, and lead-generation campaigns to make your business visible to your target audience. However, a strong marketing plan is multi-faceted. That’s why we also provide you with custom-printed marketing collateral so you can advertise your business around your community. 

We also have state-of-the-art technology that helps you run a business with the most streamlined operations. Our CRM allows you to deliver on-the-spot quotes, keep track your client projects, and review key performance metrics of your business and even the entire franchise network.

Step Five: Validation & Assessment

This step is two-fold. You’ll need to complete the Caliper Assessment, which is an objective evaluation that analyzes your personality traits and what motivates you. This is meant to help us fully understand if you are a great fit for our brand.

During step five, you’ll also need to conduct interviews with existing franchisees. Item 20 in our FDD contains a list of franchisee names and contact information. These individuals are free to speak with potential investors about the Floor Coverings International opportunity. We recommend you draft a list of questions pertaining to their experience as a franchisee before making any phone calls. You’ll also want to ask the same set of questions to each franchisee you speak with. This makes comparing answers much easier. 

FCI Planning

Step Six: Operations Team Interview & Application

During this step, you’ll need to meet with a member of our Operations team. This is another chance for us to get to know you and vice versa. After you’ve completed the interview, and both parties agree it’s best to continue moving forward with the process, you’ll fill out our official franchise application.

Step Seven: Signing Celebration & Begin Startup Checklist

Congratulations and welcome to Floor Coverings International! Once you and your business partners (if applicable) have reviewed and signed your franchise agreement, it’s time to get straight to work! Our team of industry professionals will work with you to help you get your mobile business launched. 

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