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The Future of Flooring is FCI

Our Business Model is Revolutionizing the Flooring Industry

When was the last time you walked into a store and browsed the selections to figure out what you wanted to buy? If we had to guess, it probably wasn’t recent. With the evolution of online shopping, consumers can scroll to find just about anything they want – even place grocery orders.

While retail isn’t necessarily dying, it’s definitely evolving. That’s why our business model is critical; we’ve been ahead of the changing landscape of retail for years now.

Our Mobile Showroom Predicts Consumer Trends

In our effort to modernize the flooring industry, we’ve introduced the concept of a mobile showroom. Our franchisees have company-branded vans stocked with over 3,000 different flooring options – including hardwood, carpet, luxury vinyl, laminate, natural stone and tile, specialty flooring, eco-flooring, and more – for customers to choose from. We bring the flooring to them.

Our franchisees and their teams consult customers on the design of their space and help them choose the best flooring for their needs and aesthetic. All of our products are tested by a third party, and we’re always keeping our materials up to date with the latest design trends.

“We are to the flooring industry what Amazon is to retail,” says Albert Hermans, FCI’s Vice President of Franchise Development. “By bringing our consumer an experience that isn’t available in the rest of the industry and by being customer-focused, we deliver much higher rates of customer satisfaction across the board.”

“We are to the flooring industry what Amazon is to retail.”
Albert Hermans, Vice President of Franchise Development
We Make it Easy for Consumers

The increase in online retail speaks volumes about the importance of convenience to consumers. Fortunately, we’ve been prioritizing that since our start in 1988. In addition to our mobile showroom concept, we also make the process of installation easy on the homeowner. Our franchisees manage their own relationships with contractors. Once the homeowner has made their flooring selection, our franchisees can have the materials ready in a matter of days. We take stress off our customers – they don’t have to find a reputable contractor to install their flooring once purchased.

“This business model is only becoming more relevant. Homeowners are looking for convenience and value, and they reward us for delivering it. Our ability to disrupt the flooring industry by bringing the flooring directly to the customer is exactly why our franchise will continue to grow over the coming years. This is the right opportunity at exactly the right time.”
Tom Wood, CEO of Floor Coverings International.

The Future of Flooring is Here

At FCI, we’re not afraid to disrupt the $116 billion residential flooring industry. We’re seeking passionate entrepreneurs to join us in putting customer convenience first with our mobile showroom concept. If you’re ready to get started, simply fill out this form and one of our franchise representatives will be in touch.

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