Floor Coverings International Franchise FAQs

Starting a business comes with a lot of questions.
We answer some of the most popular ones.

The floor covering industry, including both commercial and residential properties, is valued at $116 billion. The residential segment alone is worth an incredible $48 billion. Floor Coverings International is the largest and most seasoned floor covering franchise in North America – a leader in this lucrative industry.

At Floor Coverings International, we’re committed to the success of our franchisees and have an experienced team of industry professionals to guide you through the process of starting and owning your business. The future of flooring looks bright, and we think anyone interested in starting a flooring business should understand the FCI difference.

What is Floor Coverings International?2023-04-08T19:56:38-05:00

We are a disruptor in the $48 billion residential flooring industry. Instead of having our customers come to us, we bring thousands of beautiful flooring designs and colors directly to them with our mobile showroom. We help our customers find the perfect product for them right where they will be using it most: in their homes.

Floor Coverings International provides a low-overhead, creative business concept for entrepreneurs excited about helping others with their home remodeling projects. In a world where delivery is becoming more prevalent, we’re leading the charge toward convenience and accessibility in the flooring industry.

How Much Does It Cost to Start an FCI?2023-04-08T19:57:24-05:00

We offer an affordable opportunity in the expanding flooring industry. The total investment cost ranges from $154,400 – $341,000. This includes your franchise fee, startup costs, working capital for when you first open your business, and our marketing services to help you start generating customer leads.

How Much Money Can I Make?2023-04-08T20:29:57-05:00

While we cannot make any guarantees about profits and earnings we do invite you to review Item 19 of our FDD to understand how our franchise locations did last year. Our top 10% performing franchisees landed an average of $3.9 million in gross revenue in 2022.

How Much is the Franchise Fee? What Do I Get for It?2023-04-08T20:30:20-05:00

The franchise fee for Floor Coverings International is $50,000 plus a territory fee of $40,000 each (minimum of 2).

An advantage of joining a franchise is that you gain access to a proven business model. With the payment of these fees, you’ll receive hands-on support, ongoing training, expert marketing support, and experienced leadership in addition to a team that ensures you have everything you need for your mobile showroom.

What Do I Need to Qualify Financially?2023-04-08T20:30:38-05:00

We require our franchise owners to have a net worth of $250,000 and $65,000 in liquid assets.

Do You Offer Financing?2023-04-08T20:30:54-05:00

While we do have, but are not required to offer, financing to cover $20,000 of our $50,000 franchise fee, we do not have additional in-house financing to cover the full cost of your investment after your franchise and territory fees. However, we have partnerships with third-party vendors who can assist you in securing the funding you need to start your Floor Coverings International franchise location.

Do I Need Experience in the Flooring Industry?2023-04-08T20:31:34-05:00

In short – no, you don’t! Many of our most successful franchisees have a background in business, marketing, or sales. Our franchise business is a great opportunity for anyone to be their own CEO and grow an empire.

What Kind of Training and Support Will I Receive?2023-04-08T20:32:01-05:00

Floor Coverings International franchisees benefit from ongoing training and support from our seasoned team of industry professionals. Your success means everything to us. When you succeed, we all do!

Our comprehensive training includes, but is not limited to, six weeks of pre-training, five days at headquarters, field training, sales leadership training, and marketing support.

Learn more about our training and support

How Quickly Can I Open my FCI Location?2023-04-08T20:32:16-05:00

We estimate that you can have your business open and operational in as soon as 60 days from signing.

Is This a Scalable Opportunity?2023-04-08T20:39:28-05:00

Short answer (again) – yes! We’re proud to offer an opportunity in a booming industry. We’ve built our business model with the goal of empowering franchisees to own multiple units. Our owners can capitalize on the custom flooring segment with our business model to grow their business.

Do You Offer a Military Discount?2023-04-08T20:41:13-05:00

Yes! As a thank-you for your service, we are proud to offer a 10% discount off our franchise fee for all qualified military veterans.

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