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How We Support You In This Business Opportunity

At Floor Coverings International, we take franchise support to the next level

There’s an adage about franchising that we’re sure you’ve probably heard: “You go into business for yourself, not by yourself.” This could not be truer than with Floor Coverings International. We have one of the most involved franchise support programs in the industry—starting the moment you sign with training that runs throughout the first two years you’re in business. We’re fully committed to your success as our franchise partner.

Our Two-Year Training Program

Two years, 24 months, 104 weeks — however you want to say it is fine with us.

Here’s what to expect throughout our comprehensive franchise training and support program.
Pre-Training: Six Weeks

These first six weeks will be completed at home. We’ll provide a checklist of action items you need to accomplish, including obtaining your business license, completing our digital training, setting up your mobile showroom and securing an office space. Don’t worry, though — we won’t just send you the checklist and drop back in after six weeks. We’ll schedule regular calls with you to make sure you’re hitting deadlines and to provide answers to all your questions. We’ll be thoroughly acquainted by the end of this portion of training.

Training at Headquarters: Five Days

After the first six weeks are complete, your business is almost ready to roll! You will then come to our Atlanta headquarters for our five days of in-person training with members of our team.

  • Partake in role-playing scenarios to understand our sales process
  • Develop a two-year and five-year business plan in addition to a 10-year vision plan
  • Receive CRM and marketing training
  • Ride along for actual appointments

The best part? Your business will already be booking appointments during the five days you’re training with us. Once you’re back home again, your business will be open!

On-the-Job Franchise Support

Once you’ve set up your first appointments, we’ll have a phone call to review the sales process, answer any questions you have, and get you pumped up for your first potential sale. Through our CRM, we’ll be able to see how well you’re adhering to the sales process. After your appointment, we’ll have a de-briefing call to give you the opportunity to tell us how the appointment went. We’ll provide feedback to help you improve. 

Headquarters Training 2.0:
90 Days In

After your first three months, you’ll make a visit back to our headquarters in Atlanta for additional training. With three months of data in our CRM, we’ll be able to pinpoint what’s already going well and any areas of improvement. At this stage, our support is more customized to your needs as a business owner.

Employee Management Training

You’ve hired your first design associate – how exciting! To ensure your business continues to grow and operations are smooth, our Sales Leadership training will teach you how to manage your new employee.

Weekly ‘CEO’ Call

As an FCI franchisee, you are the CEO of your business. To help strengthen your skills as a Chief Officer, we host a weekly call where we determine your focus for the week. We also discuss how to stay on target for meeting all your business plan goals.

Ongoing Franchise Marketing Support

You don’t have to be a marketing professional in order to market your business. One advantage of joining FCI is that we provide franchise marketing support by: 

  • Helping you build your own website with full SEO support 
  • Aiding in the set-up of your social media accounts
  • Developing lead generation campaigns to help you garner customers in your area

Customer Relationship Management Platform

Lastly, our CRM keeps your operations streamlined. You’ll be able to deliver on-the-spot quotes, keep track of jobs, and see performance metrics for your location as well as the overall franchise system. 

Experience Unmatched Franchise Support

With our extensive franchise training and support program, we’ve got your back when you join FCI.
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