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Who is Floor Coverings International?

We’re Disruptors in a $116 Billion Industry.

It used to be that buying new flooring was tedious and time-consuming. Homeowners would need to drive to the big-box retailers to then stare at walls full of thousands of flooring options. Sure, they’d be able to bring some samples home with them to see how it would look, but then they’d have to drive back to the store to return them and then place their order (if they even found an option they liked).

When looking at the process to purchase new flooring from a bird’s eye view, it doesn’t make much sense. That’s where we come in.

At Floor Coverings International, we took an antiquated model and revolutionized it. Our franchise locations are mobile, and we bring the options to our customers instead of making them come to us. Our mobile showroom franchise model makes it easy for customers to pick the flooring they want right in the comfort of their homes.

Think about it for a moment:

Wouldn’t it make more sense to choose the flooring you’ll have in your home at home? At FCI, we make our process easy and convenient for our customers – unlike big-box retailers.

We started in 1988

We started our showroom franchise back in 1988, and we’ve been franchising since 1989. With more than 250 locations across North America, we’re on the move to expand even further, and we’re seeking enthusiastic entrepreneurs to join us.

We specialize in custom residential flooring, and our showroom franchise concept is breaking the mold in a growing $116 billion industry. With plenty of room to grow, and with flooring being one of the most valuable updates homeowners can invest in, FCI is changing the way people tackle flooring.

250+ locations across North America

Interested in Owning a Mobile Showroom Franchise?

Think Flooring Coverings International is the right franchise opportunity for you? We’d love to chat! To get started, simply fill out this form and one of our franchise representatives will be in touch.

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