Is a Cleaning Business Profitable or is it Oversaturated?

Published On: October 24th, 2022Categories: Featured, Floor Coverings International Franchise, Franchise Opportunities

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When researching business ideas, you usually start with what you know. You pick something you think would be a good business and that is in demand enough to support you financially. To truly establish a strong financial footing with a new business, sometimes what seems like the best idea isn’t as good of a deal as you might think.

Consider a cleaning business for example. While it might seem to be an easy business to launch, does it have the value to provide a sustainable income?

The pros of a cleaning business

As long as there are homes and businesses, there will always be a need to clean them, so there doesn’t seem to be a lack of customers. Cleaning is a low startup business, where a few hundred dollars can probably get you started in pails, cleaning products and cloths, and you can probably stay at that level if you stay in a residential market. Almost anyone can be trained to clean relatively easily, so you can grow your business as you get busier.

The cons of a cleaning business

Since this is a business that almost anyone can do, the competition for cleaning work is high and you’re always going to be competing on price. When it comes to hiring employees, because it’s a low-entry job, you’ll have a higher turnover as well.

Another challenge comes with the physical labor part of the job, which can cause injuries and burnout more quickly than a job that’s less physical demanding.

There are businesses that provide a higher return on investment with your time while still providing you with the flexibility of running your own business. Floor Coverings International is one of those options.

Take a look at Floor Coverings International

Floor Coverings International is a franchise that brings the flooring store directly to the homeowner. With over 3,000 samples of hardwood, tile, carpet, vinyl, laminate, and more, this mobile franchise is easy to run and easy to scale. The franchise support creates a solid foundation for a sustainable business that generates a great income.

You may be surprised to learn that very few of our franchisees come from the flooring industry, and yet, we are the No.1 ranked flooring franchise by Entrepreneur magazine. Customers are serviced by design associates who provide the expertise that homeowners need to make a good flooring choice, while our franchisees manage the business. Here’s how we do it:


Franchisees start with training at home that includes a checklist of everything you need to do to get your business open. Franchisees then visit our headquarters for five days of in-person training on the products, services and business model. You will go on actual appointments and start booking your own appointments while you’re undergoing this training.

Before your first solo customer visit, we’ll walk you through the sales process with a phone call. When your appointment is over, we’ll do a follow-up call with you to review the overall experience. We are with you every step of the way.

To keep you on track, a field coach provides daily, weekly and monthly calls. This coach is actively involved in helping your business grow. We offer a 90-day return to headquarters to move your business to the next level with help that is tailored to your specific experiences. When you hire your first design associate, we provide sales leadership training as well.

Additional support

A key part of building a business is getting the word out and attracting customers. Our marketing team is involved in every aspect of promoting your business including a website, social media, campaign generation and customized printed materials.

Another part of marketing support is customer relationship management (CRM). We have a platform that delivers immediate quotes, allows you to monitor jobs and helps you track your performance as a franchise.

Are you a Floor Coverings International franchisee?

We are very invested in the entrepreneurial goals of our franchisees. We offer a startup investment of $165,400 to $235,100 and franchisees book average job sizes of $7,423. You can see it doesn’t take long to earn back your investment when franchising with us.

The flooring industry offers a strong opportunity to build a reliable income, which is something you want when you’re looking to make the move into owning your own business. Our franchise has an incredible training and support model because our business is built on relationships.

We offer a franchise information report that provides information on our competitive advantages, an accounting of startup costs and an introduction to our team. We encourage you to request that information and then we can follow up with a phone call to answer any questions you might have.