Floor Coverings International Franchise: Our Stellar Reputation Helps Us Win Sales

Owners of Floor Coverings International franchises provide a service that customers love

Floor Coverings International franchise owners provide a service that is radically different from the rest of the custom flooring industry.floor coverings international custom flooring franchise owner shows floor samples to customerInstead of making homeowners drive to a big box retailer multiple times, only to receive impersonal service and an experience that leaves them dissatisfied, Floor Coverings International franchise owners bring the shopping experience directly to our customers.

Our mobile showroom features hundreds of options, and our franchise owners help their customers make the right decision for their budget and design-style in the comfort of their homes.

Unsurprisingly, this service is a hit with homeowners, and our franchise owners are in businesses that are designed to grow over the long-term.

“This business model is only becoming more relevant,” says Tom Woods, CEO of Floor Coverings International. “The fact that retail is dying won’t stop the demand for new flooring. Homeowners are looking for convenience and value, and they reward us for delivering it. Our ability to disrupt the flooring industry by bringing the flooring directly to the customer, is exactly why our franchise will continue to grow over the coming years. This is the right opportunity at exactly the right time.”

Relationships are at the core of growing a Floor Coverings International franchise

Our ability to deliver a highly personalized approach to custom flooring solutions has resulted in our franchisees earning the highest Net Promoter Score in the industry – 82% vs. the industry average of 38%. Plus, on average, customers have rated us 4.7 out of 5 stars for customer satisfaction. Our ranking is higher than national household name brands such as Apple, Microsoft, and Netflix.

When your customers are happy with the service you provide they are much more likely to use your company for future projects, as well as recommend your business to friends, family, and neighbors.

With the demand for home remodeling continuing to skyrocket, owning a business that meets a real need for a custom floor buying experience that is more convenient than ever before, investing in a Floor Coverings International franchise is a wise choice.

“We’ve been growing every year we’ve been in business,” says Jon Cayton, owner of the Floor Coverings International franchise in Boise, Idaho. “The value that we bring to our customers is far beyond anything else that’s offered in the industry. Most people can’t afford to hire a personal designer to come to their home, but they can afford to hire us to help make a decision on the perfect flooring option. This is a business where how well you do is up to you – and if you have a love for helping people, have the drive to succeed, and have a competitive edge, the sky’s the limit as to how well you can do.”

Floor Coverings International stands out from the competition

People are spending more time at home than ever and the demand for home improvement services has been on the rise. Whether homeowners are upgrading their home or preparing to list it on the market, investing in home improvement projects is increasing and home owners tend to invest in projects with the most visual impact, such as new flooring.

Floor Coverings International stands out from the competition thanks to a unique business model that literally brings the showroom directly to a customer’s home, rather than the customer making multiple trips to a big box home improvement store. Our customers meet with a design representative in the safety and comfort of their own home. Our Mobile Flooring Showroom holds more than 3,000 flooring samples and our entire process is designed to make it easier for customers to envision what their new flooring will look like once installed.

Ready to Own a Flooring Business?

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