Why General Contractors Make Great Franchise Owners

Team reviewing planning documents

Franchise models are set up to work for either someone with significant experience in a particular industry, or someone with no experience at all in that industry. Can the same model really work for such a vast difference in experience?

The operation of the franchise is created in such a way that anyone can learn and follow it. Where the industry experience factor comes in is with transferrable skills and knowledge that a franchisee with a particular background can bring to the business. This makes some franchise opportunities seem more suited to a particular industry background. For example, a general contractor franchise could be anything connected to the home remodeling industry because many of the skills learned as a general contractor can easily transfer to a home remodeling franchise business.

Key skills general contractors bring to a franchise

Many of the skills developed in your contracting career will benefit you in running a general contractor franchise such as Floor Coverings International. Our franchise model works great for people with this kind of background!

Here are some examples of how general contracting skills transfer to a Floor Coverings International franchise business:

  • Project management. Overseeing a project and managing various tasks and individuals needed to complete that project is a skill that corresponds to the Floor Coverings International franchise. You manage the consultation, purchase, installation and follow-up of the flooring project.
  • You can make homeowners feel confident in the quotes you provide for materials and labor with your budgeting background.
  • Having experience in scheduling is a definite asset with Floor Coverings International. You schedule an appointment with the homeowner, you schedule the delivery of materials, and you schedule the installation of the flooring. This critical organizational skill will give you an edge in the referral business when you stay on track.
  • Advising clients. Perhaps one of the most important skills of a general contractor is to see the big picture in a project. Having the ability to explain that to a customer is extremely helpful, especially when it comes to flooring. Customers don’t know what they don’t know about certain types and styles of flooring and how they might affect their daily household living. When you can share that vision with the homeowner, it can build confidence in their flooring choice.
  • Ensuring safety. Working safely is a concern for the franchisee and the homeowner. With a background in creating and managing a safe work environment, you and your customer will be at ease with the project.

Franchise responsibilities that suit general contractor backgrounds

While the skills mentioned above focus on project management, many of the same skills transfer into the business ownership role of a general contractor franchise. A franchise has a structured business model and requires a commitment to follow that model to achieve the success available with the franchise.

Business commitments that fit the general contractor skill set include:

  • Initial preparation. For someone who has not owned a business or worked in a project management role before, the organizational requirements of launching a business can be overwhelming at times. When you have a background in managing multiple aspects of a project, you are better able to handle unexpected issues, deadlines and commitments.
  • Franchise reporting. Filing regular reports to the franchisor and then comparing your performance with other franchisees is a form of project management on a financial performance level. Franchising provides an excellent comparator to guide your business going forward.
  • Independence and teamwork. Running a franchise is a balance of independent work on your business and teamwork with other franchisees and the franchisor. As a general contractor, you likely have a background in managing both types of work environments and can manage this part with ease.
  • Contributing to team success. Franchises come with an asset that independent businesses do not have – franchisees! Being able to brainstorm as colleagues and bring forward recommendations and ideas to the franchisor is a critical opportunity as a franchise owner. General contractors have that big-picture thinking skill that is a resource for this line of business.

Floor Coverings International is a general contractor franchise

When transitioning out of the general contracting role and into a construction franchise type of opportunity, Floor Coverings International is a franchise worth considering. Your skills in contracting transfer easily into this home remodeling type of business, and you can feel confident in being backed by an industry leader; we have been ranked in the Franchise 500 list for 13 consecutive years.

We are very invested in the entrepreneurial goals of our franchisees. We offer a startup investment of $165,400 to $235,100, and franchisees in 2021 booked average job sizes of $7,423, according to our Franchise Disclosure Document.

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