The Ideal Floor Coverings International Franchise Candidate

Published On: July 26th, 2020Categories: Featured

Custom flooring franchise is seeking savvy, passionate entrepreneurs to join our rapidly growing brand

The Floor Coverings International franchise comprises a large pool of franchisees each with their own unique story of their path to ownership. From individuals tired of the strenuous obligations of the fast-paced corporate world to the couples looking to start a family business — our franchisees each have their own unique experiences and goals for their investment. Let’s discover what our best candidate would look like and see if you could be a good fit for the home improvement industry.

Our Qualifications are your Qualities

We don’t expect that every franchisee that comes our way will have applicable experience in the flooring industry. Our business model hits a specific niche of the home improvement industry that not many people have experience in — which is why we will provide you with expert training and support throughout the process. Your training covers some of the daily responsibilities you can expect as a Floor Coverings International franchise owner: business planning, sales, design, financial management, and plenty more. We have seen that the more time and overall resources you commit to your investment, the faster you will see results. Prior to the submission of your application, we will review your goals for your investment and see how we can provide help to hit those benchmarks. That is why during the application process we look for drive, passion, and the values that will help us hit your goals!

Financial Requirements

A part of your commitment is financial, and Floor Coverings International’s turnkey investment structure includes incredible resources to get your franchise launched out of the gates. Typically, the investment can range from $153,000 to $214,400, all depending on your unique circumstances. This includes working capital, which is put in place to provide your business with a firm financial backbone. Also included in this investment is your franchise fee, start-up package, and lead generation expenses for the first four to six months of business. You will have plenty of time to evaluate your investment during the pre-sale stages of the process when you review the Floor Coverings International Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). If you have any questions about the information in the FDD, our team is filled with franchising experts who can help out.

Willing to Delegate

A Floor Coverings International franchise experience does not necessarily require franchisees to be involved in the day-to-day aspects of the business that don’t need their focus. Franchisees who see the benefits of our model have strong leadership qualities with the ability to delegate work when needed. It’s the amazing aspect of our franchise investment, and as your company progresses, the more hands-off you can be! By delegating tasks to the proper members of your team, you will also be able to regain the personal time you didn’t have in a nine-to-five corporate position.

Ready to Join the Floor Coverings International Franchise Family?

If you’re ready to join a revolutionary brand that’s disrupting the $116 billion custom flooring industry, fill out our form on this site to learn about the Floor Coverings International franchise opportunity. We can’t wait to learn more about you!