Lay Groundwork as a Successful Franchisee Without Being a Flooring Expert

Floor Coverings International Franchise Owner in front of vanAt Floor Coverings International, you don’t need to be a flooring expert to open a franchise – you need to have good business sense.

It may seem counterintuitive at first, but in fact, most Floor Coverings International franchisees start with no prior background knowledge of the flooring industry yet go on to become wildly successful and profitable in their venture. Think of it like this: are all restaurant owners the head chef? Or are real estate companies also in charge of electric and plumbing? The answer, of course, is no – business is business.

In a recent article in the esteemed Forbes Magazine, Jeff Brazier, a leading franchisor, makes this very case.

“Don’t we need years of industry experience on our resumes to succeed at running a franchise?” Brazier writes. “In many cases, the surprising answer is no. For those with any type of professional experience under their belts, you begin to realize just how many skills are interchangeable between a corporate career and franchise ownership. Ultimately, I’ve found that the most important things you need to succeed in the franchising industry are knowledge of how to act like a manager, an understanding of how to think like a businessperson and the ability to be open enough to learn about the industry while on the job.”

Brazier writes that a common misconception for those interested in opening a franchise is one must have related industry experience, but that’s just not the case. Being a successful franchise owner requires skills that many people have gained in previous jobs or work experience, like building a positive culture, managing finances and priming your business for growth.

“In my experience, the most successful franchise owners — regardless of their backgrounds — have the ability to create a positive culture, which is key to attracting and retaining good employees and obsessing over the customer’s experience so the business can thrive,” Brazier says.

At Floor Coverings International, which provides world-class training and support, many qualified candidates go through classes and seminars to gain specific skills necessary for a franchise. The emphasis on top-notch training coupled with a keen focus on customer experience creates a recipe for success that remains a cornerstone of the company’s culture.

“For most franchise concepts, you will not open your doors the day after you sign your franchise agreement,” Brazier writes. “Rather, you will begin the business development process, which can take several months to a year (and beyond, in some cases). This will give you time to orient yourself with the business, the industry and your franchisor through training and one-on-one support. Ultimately, this time can help you prepare for your future as a successful business owner.”

Floor Coverings International, one of the largest and oldest floor covering franchises in the U.S. and Canada, has propelled hundreds of aspiring business owners into successful career paths. Floor Coverings International’s management team also makes a point of emphasis to go over and above with training and resources the first two years of business, seen as a critical time for a franchise’s success. And it’s paying off: according to Floor Covering International’s most recent FDD, the top 50% of franchise owners generated more than $1.3 million in revenue.

“Our brand has experienced strong growth with new franchise owners joining our brand in record numbers,” says President & CEO Tom Wood. “Floor Coverings International is witnessing incredible growth during the last year. We are always working on new initiatives to keep our franchise owners on the cutting edge. From a growth standpoint, we have the systems in place to add over 60 locations in 2021 and over 80 in 2022.”