Mobile Franchises: What Are They & What Can I Expect?

Mobile franchises give you access to a wide customer base and can save you money on overhead costs. Are they profitable? Here’s what to know and expect.

A Business on the Move

You may already know what a wise investment a franchise business can be. Unlike starting an independent business and going it alone, as a franchisee, you become an owner in a recognizable brand, with a proven track record of success, with support that can cover training, marketing, and operations. But you may not know much about mobile franchises and might be curious to learn what they are, what you can expect as a business owner, and what the benefits are to you and your customers. Let’s take a look.

A mobile franchise brings your product and services directly to a customer, as opposed to your customer coming to your brick-and-mortar business. There are many kinds of mobile business opportunities, including pet grooming, house cleaning, car detailing services, and floor coverings.

This type of business is perfect for the entrepreneur seeking something a little different. As a van-based franchise owner, you can expect the freedom, mobility, and flexibility of ownership along with some major advantages.

The Advantages of a Mobile Showroom

Brick-and-mortar-based businesses can come with high costs for rent, insurance, and maintenance and rely on the customer going out of their way to visit, overcoming the inconvenience and time lost to travel and parking. There is a more convenient, cost-effective, and profitable way to sell your products and services: own a mobile showroom franchise.

As the owner of a van-based business, you can expect several advantages. Here are a few:

  • Cost-effective: The startup costs for a mobile business like Floor Coverings International are substantially lower than the buy-in on a brick-and-mortar. You’ll also save on the costs of acquiring and maintaining real estate, plus the overhead to staff a location. Other than investment in a company vehicle, operations can be run from a small rental space.
  • Company vehicle: The company vehicle is a mobile showroom and a rolling advertisement for your business. As you drive to your existing customers, you’ll be attracting new ones, growing future business opportunities, and building brand familiarity. Your company vehicle parked in front of a customer’s house also sends the message to neighbors that you are trustworthy and reliable.
  • Portable service: This type of franchise delivers service directly to a customer. Bringing your products to a customer’s home is convenient and comfortable for them. You save them time, build a relationship, and they can easily see how products like flooring would look in their home.
  • Easy expansion: With a mobile-based business, it’s not about the number of stores you have. It’s about your exclusive or protected territory. You purchase the right to grow your business within a territory. Anyone in this territory is your potential customer.
  • You’re the boss: Since you won’t be tethered to a store, overseeing multiple employees, you’ll have greater freedom to set your work schedule around what matters to you most.

Floor Coverings International: Disrupting A Fragmented Industry

As you move through your entrepreneurial journey, consider the convenience of owning a mobile-based franchise like Floor Coverings International.  While the rest of the industry still makes consumers leave their homes to visit a big box store to make a personal and important decision for their homes, we bring the flooring store directly to our customers’ kitchen tables.

When a homeowner calls us, we arrive in our mobile showroom that’s packed with over 3,000 product samples and designs. Our franchise owners and their design associates act as personal design consultants who help homeowners decide based on styles, functionality, durability, and budget.

Want to find out how you can get in on the ground floor and own a mobile franchise like Floor Coverings International?  Fill out a request information form today!