Home Improvement Career: Know Your Options & Career Path

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Whether you want to expand your current home improvement career or get into the industry from an entirely different line of work, it’s a good idea to know what kind of industry work is trending so you can best support your career growth.

For example, according to Forbes, the top seven home remodeling projects for 2022 were:

  • Window projects
  • Home office redesign
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • New flooring
  • Wellness design
  • Outdoor improvements
  • Disaster preparedness

Thinking about career change

You can do your own research to find out what home improvement careers are growing based on the areas that most pique your interest. As you narrow your focus, assess if you need to learn additional skills to pursue this new career successfully. If you want to focus on outdoor landscaping, do you know enough about species of grass, plants and flowers as well as design considerations to provide the best advice to a homeowner?

While you may need additional education and training, you will likely have some transferrable skills as well. For example, strong organizational or customer service skills can easily help you in a new career path. Abilities with computers or prior knowledge of sector-specific products can also be helpful as you transition into a new line of work.

Exploring entrepreneurship

Another consideration for making a career change is going into business for yourself. In the home improvement sector, there are many opportunities to do that, including one of the previously-mentioned trending home improvement sectors – flooring.

Floor Coverings International is a custom flooring mobile franchise. As a franchise, the training provides additional education for someone in the home improvement industry to expand, or for someone who enters the industry from an entirely different background to learn the business. The training program covers the business of franchising, product and service offerings, in-person and hands-on field training, sales leadership and marketing support.

Franchisees with Floor Coverings International include a mix of people with both industry-related and completely different career backgrounds. Regardless of how they come to the franchise, everyone has a goal of owning a business that helps them build a work life that is enjoyable and financially rewarding.

A franchise model can be a good fit

A New York Times article discusses managing your career, including exploring becoming independent and owning your own business. The article focuses significantly on the importance of maintaining a network and staying informed about the industry in which you wish to grow your career. Whether it’s attending events, taking workshops, furthering your education or joining a professional organization, those connections to others who are now where you eventually want to be are beneficial.

In pursuing the entrepreneurial option, the article offers pros and cons. The pros include a better home-life mix and being in control of your life or schedule, which are similar aspects to what draws franchisees to Floor Coverings International. Many of the cons listed for owning your own business (such as unpredictable pay and having to be disciplined in work hours) are minimized through franchise ownership, which provides a proven model for business success.

The ability to spend your career doing something you truly enjoy, and with a solid business and wealth-building system of support, can make a Floor Coverings International franchise an excellent home improvement career strategy.

What do you want your career to provide?

On a more personal note, an article in Harvard Business Review noted some key questions to ask when it comes to making changes in your career to ensure you’re choosing the right direction. Some of the questions that come forward in the article are:

  • What captures your attention?
  • How do you want to spend your time?
  • What kind of people do you want to work with?
  • What kind of pace do you want in your career and life?

Floor Coverings International offers 3,000 flooring products and a niche business model in the $26.8 billion custom flooring industry. Franchisees schedule their time as they choose – working the days and times that best suit their personal schedules. Every franchise owner works with a circle of customers who are eager to purchase from them and a network of other franchisees with whom they can grow their business. The franchise model allows the franchisee to create the version of the business that best suits their long-term goals while supporting a healthy financial return.

Get to know Floor Coverings International

2022 marks our 13th consecutive year on the Entrepreneur magazine Franchise 500 list. We are very committed to our franchisee network and look forward to supporting individuals who are looking to do more with their careers.

A home improvement franchise could be the career change you’re looking for in an active and financially rewarding industry. Learn about what we offer franchisees by completing our online form.