National Director of Merchandising

Sean joined Floor Coverings International in 2021 with over 30 years of experience in the Flooring Industry, with an extensive background in Merchandising and Sales, having worked for large brick and mortar retailers with multi-store locations. Sean has served as Director of Flooring Sales for a multi-state furniture and flooring company head-quartered in Michigan. Prior, Sean was the Vice President of Sales for a National Top 10 Flooring company head-quartered in Cherry Hill NJ for almost 20 years. Sean’s flooring experience has been focused on the Residential Flooring category and worked firsthand with everyone in the entire supply-channel from the warehouse and installer to the Executives at almost all of the top tier suppliers and most importantly on the front end with sales professionals.

Sean works with our franchisees firsthand through their journey making sure they have the right products, at the right price and readily available so they can service their customers.

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