Buying a Franchise Vs. Starting a Business

Published On: January 4th, 2019Categories: Press Releases

There is a great debate about whether buying a franchise or starting a business is a better opportunity for entrepreneurs to pursue. Many people believe that starting a business provides more freedom and the ability to be your own boss, and a franchise does not. However, this isn’t true. Franchises are businesses; they just come with a few more perks and a set-in-stone investment that lays out the costs of your business ahead of time, so there are no surprises along the way. When it comes to the home improvement industry, home services franchise opportunities provide much greater potential for success than that of an independently-owned business. Their established brand names, training, support, and other benefits make them much securer investments than small business, and, for many, franchisees do not even have to have prior experience in the industry. Here is why a home services franchise may be right for you instead of starting a business.

Floor Coverings International Franchise

You Know Exactly What It Is Going to Cost

Businesses bring a lot of surprises. You need to develop a business model, buy supplies, spend money on marketing, and other things that all add up to a big chunk of cash. With a franchise, all those surprises that take up a ton of time and money are eliminated. For example, a Floor Coverings International franchise has an investment that covers everything a new owner needs from a business model to marketing, and it even includes training and support, which is something that businesses won’t have.

In addition to knowing how much the investment is going to cost, franchises can also show you how much you can potentially make. When you decide you want to invest in a home services franchise, you then receive their franchise disclosure document (FDD). The FDD is a 23-item document that explains everything you need to know about a franchise. Not all home services franchise opportunities include Item 19. This item specifies the average revenue of the franchised locations currently open to help forecast a potential revenue for new franchisees.

A Home Services Franchise Offers Major Potential

Choosing to invest in the home improvement and services industry offers significant potential, both in growth and profit. The best opportunity to achieve that potential is to invest in Floor Coverings International because of our low upfront costs. Having a low investment means having a faster return on it, because there is not nearly as much money to make up for before you start making a profit. A Floor Coverings International franchise also follows an executive model, which means you can hire a team to run your franchise in a greater capacity, so you have the freedom to operate more like an owner or investor.

A Floor Coverings International Franchise

We care about our investors and want to see them succeed with their franchise. This is why we offer training unlike any other brand and ongoing support for your business, staffing, and marketing. We strive to make our franchise opportunity better than any other flooring business venture out there. We’ve eliminated the need for a whole storefront by being a mobile flooring franchise. This concept allows us to bring our products right to our customers, which they love, and it makes us stand out from others in the industry. In addition, we can also utilize a commission-based concept that generates more incentive for your staff and puts more money in your pockets.

We have a home services franchise unlike any other, and you can cash in on this exciting industry today. Flooring generated $65 billion in recent years, and that number is only expected to grow as people continue to invest in flooring services and repairs.

If you are looking into home services franchise opportunities and might be thinking a Floor Coverings International franchise is the right for you, give us a call!