Expand Your Business Portfolio and Own a Flooring Franchise

Published On: November 21st, 2019Categories: Press Releases

Floor Coverings International is the ideal franchise investment for entrepreneurial-minded investors looking to own a business in a booming industry. People are always looking for new ways to remodel their space and when you own a flooring franchise you will be meeting that incredible demand. Take a second to discover the reasons why a Floor Covering International investment is an incredible opportunity for savvy and new business owners alike. 

Floor Coverings International franchise Beautiful Flooring

Offering The Complete Package

Do you want to be the sole home improvement go-to for projects in your community? By adding a flooring franchise as a complementary business for your portfolio, you could dominate that market! 

For business owners already active in the home improvement scene, when you own a flooring franchise you supplement your existing offerings that much more. You won’t be just expanding on your current capabilities, you’ll also be entering a lucrative industry that has projected growth for years to come. As an owner of one of our flooring franchise locations, you’ll be able to expand your services to take on larger jobs than you may have before. 

No Qualifications, Just Qualities 

Interested in starting a home improvement business, but afraid of the potential qualifications that you “can’t” meet? 

Well, a Floor Coverings International franchise could just be your perfect fit. While other franchise opportunities may seem tantalizing, they could require that you have extensive experience in the industry and or an unrealistic tenure in executive management to qualify. A sales or business management background are helpful to maintain your flooring investment, however, you do not need to have any experience running a flooring business to join Floor Coverings International at all.  

Fees You Can Expect

Since our opportunity is a ‘mobile’ business, you will not have to worry about the costs it takes to open a physical location. Not only does this aspect of our business model provide a convenient experience to our clients, but it also lowers your investment size to get started. The usual Floor Coverings International franchise investment ranges from  $153,400 to $214,400 depending on your unique situation. This includes your franchise fee, start-up package, working capital, initial aggressive marketing, and lead generation expenses for the first months of your business. You will also have the time to review our fees and additional costs when reviewing our Franchise Disclosure Document during the pre-sale stages of your investment. 

A Thriving Industry Today into Tomorrow 

If you’re seeking potentially profitable industries to spread your investments through, maybe it’s time for you to look into the flooring industry. Our industry’s projected growth has caused investors to shift away for the usual franchising players, and for good reason. Research has shown that the flooring market could be worth over $542 billion by 2027 due to the rapid desire for remodeling and resizing. Floor Coverings International is thrilled by these projections because we believe the unique value of what our service can provide will allow us to stand-out in the growth. 

Tired of the corporate non-sense? Own a flooring franchise! It’s that simple, and when you contact Floor Coverings International you’re one step closer to doing so.