Start-up Costs and Understanding the Fees

Published On: January 2nd, 2019Categories: Press Releases

There are numerous opportunities to invest in executive franchises, each with a different investment than the rest. The best way to determine which franchise you want to invest in is to determine what industry offers the most profitability, look at which franchise offers the greatest probability of success, and then understand the start-up costs and fees before you make an investment. Floor Coverings International offers an interior design franchise within the home improvement industry, a market currently valued at nearly $350 billion and only expected to grow. More and more people are opting to remain in their homes, choosing to invest in remodeling and redesigning services instead of moving. This has caused an increase in interior design and home contractor franchise opportunities as entrepreneurs invest in bringing the supply to the demand.

Here’s a closer look at how you can get started with an executive-model franchise through Floor Coverings International, and what our start-up costs and fees may look like when you invest in one of our flooring franchises.

The Benefit of Executive Franchises

Often, an entrepreneurially-minded person has the savvy and the capital to invest in a business, but might not be an expert in that business’ specific industry. In such a situation, said business owner might opt to delegate tasks and responsibility from the start in order to take on a high-level role of running the company. Other times an owner might be “semi-absentee,” per se, in which they are the ultimate decision maker, but they treat the business as an investment and allow their trusted hires to run the daily operation. These types of franchise opportunities are often referred to as executive franchises.

An executive franchise model is something Floor Coverings International is more than comfortable with, and it allows smart, talented people to thrive in the areas of their strengths and use the combination of their excellent judgement and our franchisee support to fill their areas of need. As part of our training and onboarding program, you’ll learn the ins and outs of our business and how to do every aspect of the job — including laying the flooring and the sales process with our mobile showrooms. Though you’ll likely never do that work yourself, it’s with that knowledge that you’ll hire your team.

Utilizing this model gives you the added layer of freedom many business owners crave. By taking advantage of our turnkey model, you have the opportunity to focus on growing your business or other investments – or really, do with your time what you see fit. It all depends on the level of involvement you choose to have in your Floor Coverings International franchise.

Plus, our initial investment has lower start-up costs, which result in a much quicker return on your investment. We are unique in the home improvement and the flooring industry because we bring our products right to our customer’s homes, and by not only thriving, but ultimately really creating that niche, we’ve built a terrific, sustainable business model that we want to share with you.

We are a leading mobile flooring business that creates personalized plans for our customers. As a franchise that follows the executive model, our franchise consists of the following to make a location successful: Design Associates and Project Coordinators. Like any franchise, there is always a little bit of legwork to get your franchise off the ground, but with our commission-based incentive that will drive your staff to sell, you will not be hands-on for long.

A Low-Cost Investment Leads to a Faster ROI

The benefit of being a mobile franchise is that the traditional franchise space is not required – most of the job is done off-site. Since we do not need a storefront for our franchises, our investment is significantly lower than other franchise opportunities. We made our interior design franchise easy to invest in so that you, as an investor, can realize profit faster. Our investment ranges from $154,000 to $215,000, and it includes your franchise fee, the start-up kit, working capital, and aggressive marketing strategies for up to the first six months of your business operations.

Your investment also goes toward our training program, which teaches you everything you need to know about your new home contractor franchise and the flooring services we provide to customers. When you pay your investment and exit our training program, you are technically your company’s first Design Associate, ready to work with customers and bring the best-quality flooring right to their doors.

In addition to your training as a Design Associate, we will also provide training for any other Design Associates you hire. This service is something you don’t see from every franchisor, and as an investor, brings peace of mind knowing your staff will receive the same training and education that you did in order to run your franchise seamlessly.

Owning Multiple Executive Franchises

Another key element that separates us from other home contractor franchise opportunities is your ability to franchise multiple units. Flooring is everywhere – it’s in people’s homes, offices, and any other building you walk into. Each building is different as well, and homeowners today are simply too busy to drive to a flooring store to deal with products and procedures that cannot be customized for their specific needs. This is where the demand for Floor Coverings International franchises comes into play.

We have several territories across the United States, and there are most likely ample opportunities for you to become a multi-unit owner. When you own more than one Floor Coverings International, you raise the potential for profit by a lot, and you get to expand your reach to people in a much larger territory.

Investing in an interior design franchise like Floor Coverings International is a worthwhile way to see a fast ROI and potentially dramatic increase in profit, depending on your location, staff, and drive to see your business succeed.

If you are interested in an interior design or home contractor franchise, Floor Coverings International may be perfect for you. Our model falls in-line with other executive franchises, but we come out above the rest as a leader in our industry with high ratings by customers. Find out how you can get started with your franchise investment today.