Veterans and First Responders Make Great Floor Coverings International Franchisees!

Published On: June 18th, 2019Categories: Press Releases

If you’re a veteran or a first responder and you’re ready to make a career change, flooring franchise opportunities are a great option, especially when you open your home repair franchise with Floor Coverings International. Our unique business model capitalizes on a robust subsector of the home improvement industry, and our mobile flooring franchise system lets you meet with customers in the quiet and convenience of their own homes. In fact, there are all kinds of reasons why veterans and first responders thrive with a Floor Coverings International franchise. Let’s look at a few of them.

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More Time with Family

Anyone with a family and a full-time job knows what it’s like to put in a lot of time away from loved ones. This is especially true for veterans and first responders. If you’re in either of these professions and you’ve got a family, you know it often doesn’t come first. Many times, you’re on call or must answer to the demands of your job before you can tend to the needs of your loved ones. But when you join Floor Coverings International as a franchisee, you’ll no longer have to choose between work and family. Our proven business model is an executive one, which means it won’t fall on you, the owner, to handle everything. You can delegate tasks and rely on trusted staff to do as little or as much of the work as you’d like, leaving you more precious time for loved ones — or simply for yourself!

A System in Place

One of the biggest advantages to opening a franchise over starting your small business from scratch is the system that’s already in place to guide you and take a lot of the guesswork out of running your business. Veterans and first responders especially appreciate this because they’re used to working within frameworks that define steps and predict results. And while no business model can guarantee success, our team has years of experience in flooring franchise opportunities and has parlayed that into a system that works across multiple platforms.

Training and Support

If there’s anything veterans and first responders know about and appreciate in their professional lives, it’s training and support! So, if you’re one of those professionals and you’re worried Floor Coverings International won’t do everything it can to prepare you for your new career, think again! We make sure all our franchisees see many hours of pre-opening training, both in their homes and at our corporate headquarters, to prepare them for every aspect of running their business. After their doors open, we’re here to answer questions, address concerns, and keep our franchisees up to date on the latest industry standards and market trends. In short, you’ll never go it alone.

Leading a Team

When you invest in a home repair franchise with us, you’ll be a team leader. Your staff will be looking to you for your guidance and feedback, just as some may have done while you were in the service or while working as a first responder. This role won’t be a stretch for you, and you’ll appreciate the respect of others as you grow into your new role as a business owner.

Flooring franchise opportunities are a natural choice for many veterans and first responders. Are you one of them? Get in touch today!