Why Entrepreneurial-Minded Millennials Make Great Franchisees

Published On: October 15th, 2019Categories: Press Releases

As the calendar continuously flips, new demographics have taken hold of buying power leading to a shift in control of management positions. But who are these people? Millennials: the social savants who are ready to take the reins. Floor Coverings International wants to aid in this transition in order to elevate our standard of running a flooring franchise.

Let’s take a look at why we believe you should expect success from this progressive-minded group and what they could bring to Floor Coverings International’s processes!

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Convenience is King

If it can’t be brought right to your door once you buy it, the product might not be worth the purchase. No group knows more about this then the Millennials that have helped monopolize the concept. Studies surrounding the importance of convenience to Millennials showed that 97 percent use Amazon for some portion of their online shopping habits. Even prior to going to a physical location, 79 percent of Millennials say they browse online before making any purchase, whether in-store or online. 

Floor Coverings International has brought this luxury to our home improvement franchise! Our mobile flooring company can bring our selection to the client’s front steps so they don’t have to visit their neighborhood home improvement shop. We will go over all the client’s options and even take measurements once they have decided on the next steps. This level of service has turned from a luxury to an expectation for Millennials everywhere. Running a flooring franchise is easier for our Millennial business owners because it’s a service with a message they relate to.

Provide Transparency 

Millennials have grown up in a period of marketing where advertisements could pop out of any corner of various media. It seems like every message has a motive and Millennials are fully-equipped to cut through the fluff. Maintaining transparency in business is crucial, which is something we have found can create a healthy relationship with owners and clients. This is why Floor Coverings International provides investors with a straightforward business model and a simple to understand investment layout. 

One of the ways we provide transparency is through the Franchise Disclosure Document that all of our franchisees are given prior to joining the Floor Coverings International team. This document includes an easy to digest breakdown of your investment, along with any information you may need regarding the payment process. Our Item 19 performance representation statistics give you an incredible understanding of what our model can achieve post-sale. Millennials who want to break down these numbers and access the investment value will have plenty of time to review the document. If you are not familiar with Item 19 or anything that is laid out in this legal document, please feel free to ask us any questions you have. 

Corporate Life

Millennials in the franchising landscape don’t just come to this model with innovative ways to make business better. This group has a fire inside, and a desire not to answer to a corporate suit and tie — to take back the direction of their professional lives. By running a flooring franchise with Floor Coverings International you are able to do just that. You’ll be involved in an established model in the industry that has a convenient product offering, all while having control of an operating location. Your own business — it’s an empowering feeling that Floor Coverings International is excited to bring to motivated Millennials. 

Let us know how you are feeling about this concept! We love talking about this opportunity with potential candidates, so feel free to contact us at any time