Archive: February 2022

On February 22nd, 2022

How to Start a Flooring Business The Profitable Way

You’re considering starting a flooring business, but you’re wondering if it’s a good choice. Is it expensive? Profitable? What skills are needed to run a successful flooring company? Is a franchise opportunity really the way to go? We lay down the details for you. The Flooring Industry  In 2020, the global flooring market was valued ...

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On February 14th, 2022

Home Improvement Franchise: Top 6 Profitability Signs to Look For

The demand for home improvement services has exploded. If you’re looking to start a business and want to take advantage of the current boom in remodeling and renovating, buying a home improvement franchise may be a smart move for you. Home improvement franchises vary in services and profitability. With all the options available, here are ...

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