No Experience, No Problem: Why Our Franchise Support is So Important

Published On: October 1st, 2019Categories: Press Releases

How many chances in your career will you have to build a business that is actually yours? An opportunity that helps you avoid the initial struggles of independent ownership? 

Our Floor Coverings International team is bringing you that opportunity in the form of running a flooring business. We will provide you with full-on franchisor support to get your momentum shifted in the best direction. Let’s discover why we know Floor Coverings International’s franchise support will help you develop your strategies from the first day.

floor coverings international custom flooring franchise owner shows floor samples to customer

Our Team and Experience in the Industry

Floor Coverings International has brought us into the industry spotlight as a leader in the flooring business. We have changed flooring transformation from a routine service to a full-on design transformation experience for our clients. When you join Floor Coverings International, you’ll be introduced to a team of flooring specialists who will let you in on the best tips for running a flooring business. Our Floor Coverings International team consists of professionals with decades of home improvement experience. Floor Coverings International is also a part of FirstService Brands, a leader in North American property services. Our strong reputation that has been built over twenty years along with other FirstService franchise brands. Our teams have seen what a smoothly-running franchise business looks like and want to help you duplicate that with your investment. 

What You Bring to The Table

Floor Coverings International realizes that the next flooring industry titan might not have much industry experience. Our franchise owners come from all walks of life — we never want to limit ourselves from missing out on a potentially beneficial relationship. Not every business owner has a background in the industry, in fact, most of our franchisees didn’t. Our model has widened the net for potential franchisees by searching for qualified candidates with sales or managerial experience. Besides having the ability to commit your focus, time, and capital to the business you are building, our criteria for franchisees are flexible.

How We Progress Together

Now you might be wondering, although we have the experience and you are qualified, what does our skill-building process look like? How will we prepare you for business ownership? Well, it all starts once you make your investment and are brought on board. Floor Coverings International’s franchise support team will introduce you to our marketing strategy, business planning methods, financial and management techniques, and much more. We don’t want to overwhelm you with incredible amounts of information that you won’t be able to handle right off the bat. That is why our franchise support team will continue to keep tabs on your progress through in-field visits, franchisee meetings, and relevant topic-specific seminars. We want to put our industry knowledge and your business gusto together to make running a flooring business with Floor Coverings International your best investment yet!

Want to learn more about our franchise support? Have unanswered questions about our total investment? Please go ahead and contact us today!